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JJ’s is a multi-cultural cuisine restaurant that was in need of a new re-branded logo and menu due to theirs being quite outdated. The goal was to revamp the brand identity to match the vision and aesthetic of the restaurant.

Being able to intertwine the logo, menu, and restaurant all together so everything had one cohesive look and aesthetic.

I created a logo that translates well with a contemporary typical fine dining aesthetic. It was designed also to be very encouraging and approachable for customers to come in. A great logo can have many aspects that make it a great logo, but nothing more powerful than the scalable aspect. The best of logos will translate well all together as a tiny favicon, header on stationary, patch on shirt, and a blown up version on signage – and this logo achieves all of those. The main aspects they wanted to highlight on the menu was first the pricing of the 3 course meal and what it is included. Therefore I decided to give that section a special design treatment from the rest so it is noticeable. I also applied it to the top of the menu so it is the first thing you will see before searching the rest of the individual meals. Second, they wanted to emphasize that the restaurant is run by students as one of their unique factors. For this i decided to place it in the bottom in a color bar to bring attention towards that section and so that it won’t be missed.