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Creating the logo for this cannabis extract company had actually originally began as a sketch and then brought into Illustrator to be digitized. The creation of it challenged me in many ways but both the client, as well as myself, were very pleased to see the final outcome of the logo. I felt this logo had a very unique approach from the way it was constructed as well as the custom typography used to create the font for the logo.

This was the sketch which I began with to bring into Illustrator. The biggest challenges I faced was working with and creating the gradient blending in the extract droplet as well as the saphire. Also another problem faced was wanting to make the background shape replicate a cloud of smoke as best as possible.

The process of what is shown above is what brought a final conclusion to the logo at version 4 (V4). The text, saphire, and extract droplet had been finalized in the beginning stages to help create a better visual representation of what the smoke shape would look like surrounding it. In version 2 (V2), when the symmetrical smoke was created it seemed to have brought everything inside together a lot more. To help emphasize that is was smoke I gave it some more rounded edges and line work to easily be able to distinguish what the shape is.