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The skateboard brand, Stiffy’s Boardshop was in need of a new re-branded logo. They also wanted to be differentiated from their competition with a memorable boardshop logo, as well as have their own apparel for customers to purchase. They want to be able to represent the new skateboarding generation as well as the old school generation who have been doing it for a very long time.

Being able to re-create a logo that was simple and clean, yet stands out from the rest of the competitors and is suitable for both age groups of youths and adults.

The original logo had just been the letter, “S” which made up the whole logo. Since the logo was already very recognizable I decided to re-work around this logo. I surrounded it by a thick circle so it would be easily noticeable and distinguishable. Secondly, I added a very popular font recognized by skateboarders making the logo straight to the point and easily distinguishable by the target audience. I also created a secondary graphic to use strictly for apparel pieces so the customer would have an option between two very different styled graphics.