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The magazine “Trendsetter”, is meant to be directed towards the mixture of the streetwear and high end design brands culture. With that being said, I wanted to give the magazine a high end and luxury approach to match the target audience that would be reading it. The main purpose of the magazine is to present the latest news happening in the streetwear fashion and designer brands fashion industry.

Being able to create a magazine from scratch based on the criteria to match the target audience. Also to be able to create a consistent layout that can be used in future magazines to be able to distinguish that it is “Trendsetter Magazine”

Since streetwear and designer brand designs are pushing towards more unique, fun and bold designs, I decided to give the magazine a similar look with it being more visually focused; that way the consumer is attracted first by the visuals. If the consumer is interested in what they see then they will be more intrigued to read. Also if it looks like in the style of some of their favourite streetwear and designer brands, again, they will be more interested into picking up the editorial. I also created a header and subhead section that will be tranferable throughout any future magazine copy.