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Light Culture Podcast takes listeners on a journey with David Hershkovits as he interviews some of the key creatives and social disruptors of our era. They try to answer the questions: “how is culture changing and why?”

David Hershkovits has been on the frontlines of the culture wars since 1984 as a founder, editor, and writer at Paper Magazine. As a journalist, he has followed the rise of hip hop, indie film, the crossover of fashion and streetwear, and the new cannabis culture for a range of publications including Vanity Fair, GQ, New York Daily News and the Village Voice.

Since Light Culture is correlated to Burb, developing and creating the branding had to stay quite consistent to Burb’s so you are able to distinguish that Light Culture is owned by the same brand/company. I’ve helped to create the following promotional assets such as logos, guest feature posters, website, and more.